3 Practice Tips for Periods of Disillusionment

Here are three tips that may help during difficult times:

  1. Cry! Don't stuff the tears. We need them to move the energy and to re-align with whatever new version of you will come. Remember to allow the content to arise and past the best you can. It isn't so much about trying to analyze, reason, or fix whatever is happening. During these periods the content of experience can be quite intense. Let it come, but allow the spinning to stop as soon as you notice what is happening by returning to the breath, body, and sounds of the moment. If crying is needed. ALLOW it!

  2. Walk to move energy. Sometimes breaking formal practice periods into sitting and walking is helpful. Walking is a great way to continue to practice and give the body space for difficult formations (emotions, thoughts, sensations) to move through. Experiment with fast and slow walking-each have different ways of supporting you. It can also be helpful to notice the space the body takes up while also noticing your feet hitting the ground. 

  3. Holding is important. Find someone to hold you physically and/or emotionally. If there isn't a person, curl up to an animal companion and warm baths can help. Your nervous system is changing during these periods and different kinds of holding helps.