Trudy Goodman, Emily Horn, Jack Kornfield

Trudy Goodman, Emily Horn, Jack Kornfield

“Emily is a wonderful teacher of mindfulness, beloved by her students, one of the best I have trained.” Jack Kornfield, Founder and Buddhist Teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

"Emily is one of the best next generation mindfulness and dharma teachers." - Trudy Goodman, Founder and Guiding Teacher at InsightLA

Listed under THE GURUS OF SILICON VALLEY POWER PLAYERS IN THE MINDFULNESS MOVEMENT. — N.S. "Self-described Buddhist geeks, this married couple [Vincent Horn and Emily Horn] is crafting new ways to practice mindfulness, helping others develop apps for contemplation." - Wired Magazine

“Emily was phenomenal. She held space for all that is.” Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Mentee, Sounds True with Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach

“Emily one-on-one conversations are gulps of fresh air for my practice. Over time, I’ve relied on her dynamic perspective to help me navigate through questions and obstacles as they come up, so I can dive back into the practice again with new insights.” Kuan Luo, New York City

“I’ve been very fortunate to be able to work with Emily for the last few years. Her intuitive advice has gotten me through countless hurdles and I often leave our meetings with new and challenging ways to explore my own experience. Emily’s teachings have been truly valuable and she’s been a crucial part in the development of my practice.” Rafael Borges, Munich, Germany

“Choosing to work with Emily and Vince was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made around the development of my meditation practice. Their combined experience and knowledge of the various approaches to meditation is comprehensive and their approach to teaching provides unusually varied styles of practice from which the student can freely choose.” Albert Grabb, Los Angeles, CA