Pathways to Emptiness

Dear Contemplatives,

Life in all its preciousness can be overlooked. The daily routines can overshadow the simple beauty of being alive. This becomes more apparent with the familiar and yet if we are able to stop for a minute-or even two-we can see the timelessness seep into the movement of our days. This quality is comforting and brings to mind the tender heart of being human.

Recently, I continued to cultivate the knowing of this timeless time with a relative that is dying. It is so engrained in us to shy away from those moments when the heartbreak is so apparent. The person that I knew is still here and yet is fading away into nothingness. Is that scary to you? To contemplate death and dying? It seems natural to me. It is what keeps me exploring consciousness and summons a courage deep within to not shy away. By not leaning into, shying away, or ignoring the difficult facets of life-they become some of the most beautiful and profound teachers.

Death is a pathway to emptiness. To the expansive quality of reality that can not be limited to just a concept. The space within the breath, between the words, around the heart mind. It is a healing balm to the otherwise dry and sterile world of form. We can get caught in the contractions and the expansions- the excitement of life and the fear of death. And yet with emptiness we know that neither is really what it is all about. It is in both that love surrounds us and we can find the faith to continue exploring this great mystery.

Beginning in March, my creative partner and I will begin leading a new Life Retreat Team. We will explore Pathways to Emptiness and continue to unwind the separate sense of self that we sometimes feel lacks freedom-when really, even in the contraction when can tune into that which does not contract. What is this?  

We will also offer a new workshop, Mind Hacking: Introduction and Practice Primer in Asheville, NC.  This will be the beginning of a series of new teachings and interactive offerings. It is important to us to share what we’ve learned, continue to learn, and the realization that we are the bridge between worlds of emptiness and form.

With love,

P.S. I offer one on one sessions on a sliding scale. Feel free to reach out.