What is reborn?

Dear Contemplatives,

Spring has officially sprung in the northern hemisphere and there is a sense of rebirth all around.  In the Christian wisdom tradition, Easter is a few weeks away and is an interesting time to contemplate how we are born in each moment.  The metaphor of Jesus’ resurrection gives us our psyche an important symbol to unpack and while it can be interpreted in many different ways, the basic understanding is that there is a way in which we are reborn.

In the Buddhist wisdom tradition, one looks directly at the make up of their minds to see clearly how this rebirth happens. We inquire into our experience-what is happening right now? Can we step off the cycle of birth and death by holding a contemplative view of meditation? As we deepen into mindful awareness, does this freedom allow for birth to be held in a much bigger space of loving presence? What is reborn?

As we open to the full experience of being alive, we can learn the patterns that make up our reality. The stream of body sensations, feelings, and thoughts can reveal aspects of ourselves that we may rather not look at, but are actually hindering our freedom.  By facing our experience directly, we are empowered to sit with the unwinding so that sooner or later, it won’t have power over us.

I recently had this experience when working on a writing project. Once again, I sat amidst the chaos of mind and body. The patterns which keep me from sharing with an open heart arose and passed away. I was able to see them clearly and bow to them once again. Yes, this too is part of my human experience. A few years ago, it took me a lot longer to allow them to pass- to trust it to move and change with flexibility and fluidity. Even though this particular formation has taken years of work, I noticed once again that it is indeed unwinding into freedom. It isn’t who I really am and while it was reborn again for me to see-it's grip is loosening.  Perhaps one day these pieces of debris will not be reborn in the stream.

Part of seeing this pattern clearly is in having the support of others on this contemplative path. The mirroring that is offered by mentorship is priceless.  If you would like this support, my creative partner and I are offering a Meditative Inquiry Life Retreat starting May 3rd. I also have a few one on one spots available.

With love,