Contemplation: Mindfulness Practice and Awareness


I've been contemplating mindfulness for years and confusion still arises around the concept.  MINDFULNESS is everywhere-mindful awareness seeps deep into our structure of being human. It is so simple that we make it complicated.

Mindfulness practice helps us cultivate connection to the "one who knows." This training needs to be undertaken with support from peers, a teacher, and dedication to understanding how the mind constructs reality. We must be willing to ride the cycles of life with acceptance and compassion. Yes, this is much easier to write, hear, and listen to then to allow.

I've felt resistance in my own practice to allowing the deepening of momentary awareness-pervading everything and nothing. This fluidity of heart-mind feels threatening to the solid sense of who we THINK we are.  I've experienced deep terror coming after the realization that we are responsible for our lives and our world.  The understanding that even mindfulness practice can be a sticky place where a lack of freedom clings to the wish and desire that someone is controlling this process-of awakening.

AWAKENING to mindfulness awareness is our nature. The unwinding process is in the commitment and dedication to the mystery and truth.  NO one Truth. Simple individual truths that reveal themselves over and over again after delusions crumble over and over again. With time, the allowing of the process becomes about how well can you die and be born and about how well you can cultivate the deepening of trust in mindful awareness as not a place or thing that appears and disappears.

Waking up in this moment. Waking up to who we really are. Waking up to what we are unconsciously and consciously living. What impact is the misunderstanding identity having on the world around us? I wonder how much drama would be put on hold if we truly were dedicated to the next step of adulthood-unraveling the blockages and blinders of false identity (cultural, individual, emptiness).

*What is emptiness? ;)