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Life Retreat: Meditative Inquiry


Co-led by Emily Horn and Vincent Horn

One of the most powerful forms of contemplation is to work directly with a question or inquiry that has significant meaning to our lives. When we really open up to a question several things happen. One is that we drop the sense of already having the answer and knowing how things really are–this opens us to seeing and experiencing in new ways. Our minds also become bright, open, and curious–qualities which give our contemplative investigation a huge boost. Finally, as we become more comfortable with asking difficult questions, and pursuing our most important lines of inquiry, we start to become fearless in the face of not knowing–of never really having a final answer. We develop what Ajahn Chah called “the wisdom of uncertainty.”

Emily and Vincent’s teaching approach draws on the methods and practices of concentration, investigation, meditative inquiry, formless awareness, and heart-based meditation. As you work with Emily and Vincent one-on-one you’ll go through a discovery process together, finding out which techniques best support your unfolding process. The emphasis for this retreat will obviously be on meditative inquiry, but there will be plenty of opportunity to explore other practices that support this process of inquiry.

Topics of group exploration will include: Uncovering your Questions, Challenging the Knower, Great Doubt / Great Awakening, Not Knowing, & What is Love?

Retreat Format

Each week you will have the opportunity to engage in:

    • One-on-One Instruction : Weekly 45-minute video sessions–3 sessions with each teacher–to explore your practice on a regular basis.
    • Small Group Meetings : Weekly 75-minute video hangouts each week with a small group of peers, to practice together, check-in, and explore the themes of the retreat.
      • Small group meetings take place each Saturday–at 9am Pacific Time / 12pm Eastern Time. It’s ok if you know ahead of time you won’t be able to make a group session, but we do suggest making all that you can.

This Life Retreat is limited to 8-10 people.


The cost of this Life Retreat is $450-650 (sliding scale).
A 3-month payment plan is available on request.

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