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Circles of Mindfulness

These circles consist of people dedicated to living a wholehearted life in a chaotic world. Based in the four foundations of mindfulness, we are committed to deepening into presence together. This means we welcome all and encourage the unconscious to transform both the individual and collective. We comprehend through mindfulness, feeling, and reason. There’s refuge found in the light of awareness and power in the ability to direct + sustain attention. We practice together.

Dear women,

I recently stepped into a Catholic church in the busy part of Chinatown in San Francisco. My four year old kid requested that we visit a church. I remembered how much a spiritual framework supports our human growth and development. The innocence of my child’s curiousity and the guiene seeking to find an explantion to many of childhood’s deepest questions. As I stepped inside, the busy hustle and bustle diappeared into a silence palpable in settings of worship. These places are set up specifically for the cultivation of silence within our chaotic world. However, many of us are seeking to find another way to do this. Our own way.

In these mindfulness circles, I invite you to tear down the walls of the temple and come into connection with the sacred everywhere you go. As we gather togehter in ritual we will incline towards the universal values of compassion and wisdom. We will draw from the many symbols and maps of conciousness that have been passed down to us; however, we will also learn to chart our own course as we dissovle the smaller sense of self that keeps us isolatioed and intrenched in patterns of harm. There is such a delicate play at work here in this life. Our indiviudal and collective shadows are being called more and more into the light of mindful awareness. One of the ways to do this is through the ancient art of holding space. It is by weaving together both the past and the emergent future together, we create change now.

I’ve been leading circles in one form or another for over a decade. Now, I’m called to lead a team of women for months that are interested in living into the truth of who you are. It is by committing to discovering your own way to connection that you also enter into a journey that is aimed at facing reality. The truth is that we are in a collective shift. We can sense into this when we are able to fully be in touch with our bodies. However, it is also incredibility difficult to stay present to all that is changing and the speed in which it is happening. We are all being called in one way or another to remember our connection in various ways and at various levels.

In this wisdom circle will aim to unlayer ourselves by allowing more of our full selves to emerge. As your leader, I will support this process by facilitating a container for both the collective and individual to come into a new relationship to connection. Welcoming all that comes to light. There is a play that happens when we can fully accepting our shadows and being willing to change. You don’t have to identify with any particular spritual or relgious path to be on this team. It is an open ended invitation to explore deeply knowing your own truth through dissolving the smaller sense of idenity that keeps us trapped in isolation and longing for connection. I will encourage us all to be dharma curious.

Big Love,



6 Month Journey

There’s a deepening that happens over time. We will meet via zoom, weekly for 6 months. The circle will be offered on a sliding scale. Topics will be determined by the group; however, will be based in our collective inclination towards conscious Self discovery and compassionate care.

Schedule an Introduction Session

In order to form a team that has the most likelihood to create a loving connection, it is important that we feel connected. Let’s meet to see if this circle is a fit.


Wisdom Circles

Aiming towards both inner and outer discovery.

Themes of exploration are picked by the team. Possible topics include: transformative mindfulness, feminine empowerment, intuition, meditation, finding your voice, & relationships.