Teacher Meetings with Emily Horn

We need both honest feedback & loving support in order to develop. During one-on-one meetings we’ll work on trusting what’s arising, so that we can use it as a gateway to greater understanding.

Through honest conversation you’ll receive:

  • heartfelt responses to your thought process
  • suggestions on different meditation techniques to try
  • an opportunity to work through stuck emotions
  • support in exploring how the psychological self expresses and interfaces with the universal
  • ways to see relationships as opportunities for growth and wisdom
  • greater understanding of your mind, self-talk, and personality patterns
  • opportunities for spacious presence and freedom of choice
I’ve been very fortunate to be able to work with Emily for the last few years. Her intuitive advice has gotten me through countless hurdles and I often leave our meetings with new and challenging ways to explore my own experience. Emily’s teachings have been truly valuable and she’s been a crucial part in the development of my practice.
— Rafael Borges, Munich, Germany

I often co-teach with my partner Vincent. You can work with me individually or draw from our combined meditative experience, understanding, and knowledge. We can be a unique and powerful team.  

  • Meetings happen in 3o or 60 min increments via Zoom or FaceTime.
  • Investment is $60/30mins and $110/1 hr. Ongoing students will receive a special rate.
  • If you don't find a time that works for your schedule, please reach out personally.
Emily and Vince’s one-on-one conversations are gulps of fresh air for my practice. Over time, I’ve relied on their dynamic perspectives to help me navigate through questions and obstacles as they come up, so I can dive back into the practice again with new insights.
— Kuan Luo, New York City

Digital and In Person Support for Inner Healing & Awakening

Meditation Meetings present an opportunity for you to share about your practiceask questions, and get a trained perspective on what you're going through. The purpose of these meetings are to catalyze, speeding up & smoothing out, the process of discovery that you're currently in.

Choosing to work with Emily and Vince was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made around the development of my meditation practice. Their combined experience and knowledge of the various approaches to meditation is comprehensive and their approach to teaching provides unusually varied styles of practice from which the student can freely choose.
— Albert Grabb, Los Angeles, CA

It can feel like a big step to schedule a teacher meeting!   I sincerely offer my support to all those undergoing the process of transformation and inner healing caused by a commitment to meditation.  Dedication to discovering inner freedom and understanding is both a joyous and difficult way of life.  Reach out if you feel inclined--I've probably been there, perhaps done that, and either way am still going after much training.