Meditation Guidance for Contemporary Life

Sessions take place via phone, Skype, or in person in Asheville, NC.

I support people of all ages and backgrounds in finding ways to live from their own true nature, with greater presence, connection, and wisdom. Our work together catalyzes your ability to respond mindfully to everything arising in your life: moment to moment, with a steady mind and an open heart. Meditation is the simple, joyful practice of deepening more fully into life.

People who work with me report enjoying:

  • Greater understanding of their minds, self-talk, and personality patterns
  • Increasing self care and genuine compassion
  • More spacious presence and freedom of choice
  • New ways to work with anger as a source of passion, not destruction
  • Objective reflection of themselves through our relationship
  • A richer, fuller experience of life.

As we deepen the capacity to remain present with whatever arises, we experience an inner peace that’s beyond blissful feelings. We find we are home everywhere, and awaken to freedom in this present moment, again and again and again. Slowly, this becomes a natural, ease-ful part of our lives.

Our identity is like a kaleidoscope. With each turn we reset it not to a former or final state but to a new one that reflects the here-and-now positions of the pieces we have to work with. The design is always new because the shifts are continual. That is what makes kaleidoscopes, and us, so appealing and beautiful.
— David Richo

An Integrative Approach

My teaching draws from tools and inspiration from many wisdom traditions, and is rooted in the Buddhist practices of Insight and Mindfulness Meditation. We begin with the foundations of mindfulness: noticing the breath, the body, thinking, and emotions. This systemic mind training centers us in present-moment awareness, allowing us to respond to life with greater freedom, wisdom, and love.

I will help you craft a personal, integrated plan. Since ultimately there’s no separation between contemplative exploration and daily life, your plan may include physical practice, creative expression, or study. Our work together includes:

  • Guided personal meditations and individualized weekly practice
  • Support in navigating difficult periods
  • Exploring how the psychological self expresses and interfaces with the universal
  • Goal planning, motivation, and feedback on your process and progress
  • Mind training and loving kindness cultivation
  • Exploration of your relationships as opportunities for growth and wisdom
  • Addressing all levels of your being, including the body.

Our entire session is a meditation, reflected in relationship. I guide you to notice your habitual ways of constructing self-identity — and how you can free yourself by loosening them.

Sessions take place via phone, Skype, or in person in Asheville, NC.